Shoeboxes Full Of Old Photographs

Do you have boxes of family pictures or carousels full of 35mm slides? Maybe you have both plus some VHS home movies too? If you answered “yes” to either question, you probably have every intention of doing something with your collection – someday. It’s an overwhelming task to contemplate but time is running out even if you’re not burdened with VHS movies.

This blog talks about one person’s attempt to “put things in order” so family history and memories stored in slides and negatives can be passed forward to the next, digital generation. Focusing on the preparation of a coherent family history package for the next generation helped determine how much effort to expend but most importantly, treating it as a project made it a manageable list of small tasks that could stretch over and indefinite time period and potentially allow others to help.

The goal of this site is to share project information about the process used to organize my slides and negatives into a format suitable for scanning and use as a photographic index that combines the analog and digital worlds.

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